Susan Zachary


Susan Zachary is a first generation American. Upon earning her Master of Arts in German from UCLA, Susan began working in advertising/public relations for Millicent Braverman writing copy for RB Furniture ads and KFAC-FM’s daily program “A Word on Books and Film.” She then transitioned to Diener-Hauser-Bates Advertising only to be recruited by Paramount TV to replace Ed Neumeier as a story analyst. Within six months, Susan was promoted by then Paramount TV President Gary Nardino; who shortly thereafter segued to an exclusive film/TV deal and appointed Susan as his sole executive. During her tenure with Nardino, Susan developed iconic films Star Trek II and Star Trek III, ABC’s miniseries War and Remembrance, and the first gay sitcom Brothers for Showtime, amongst others. In addition to her successful stint at Paramount, Susan also worked in the feature arm of Aaron Spelling Productions, Taft/Barish Productions, Columbia Studios, Universal Productions, TransPacific Films, Interscope Pictures and Rosemont Productions. On September 10, 2001, Susan launched The Marshak/Zachary Co. with her then husband, Darryl Marshak. During this time, Susan handled the careers of Curtis Armstrong, Pam Grier, Ernie Hudson, Roger Daltrey, Robin Givens, Huey Lewis, Deborah Ann Woll, Dan Lauria, Dana Davis, and Carla Jimenez, amongst others. Susan is a proud member of the Producers Guild of America and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Her son, Charlie Marshak, is earning his PhD in Mathematics at UCLA.