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Bryan and his wife Amelia are US based partnered Twitch streamers, influencers and actors with a vast and powerful online presence. They are best known for their roles in the PlayStation/Quantic Dream hit game DETROIT: BECOME HUMAN, where Bryan portrays the lead role of Connor and Amelia plays the Traci’s. Their channel, DechartGames, is one of the world’s most watched variety streams on Twitch. Last year, Bryan won Best Performer and Best New Streamer/Broadcaster at the Golden Joystick Award’s. He was nominated for Best Performance at The Game Awards and for Fan Favorite Male Voice Actor at the Gamers Choice Awards. Aside from acting and streaming, they are some of the most sought after talent on the convention circuit, having visited 15 different countries in the last 2 years. They are sponsored by MSI, Astro Gaming and Logitech.

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